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What is Success?

Success is a wonderful thing. It brings with it lots of satisfaction, a sense of pride, self-confidence and self-worth.

Everyone wants to be successful in life.

What does being successful mean?

Being successful means the achievement of set goals. Success means many different things to different people. Success denotes wonderful positive things. To some, it means personal prosperity, a fine home, foreign vacations, and financial security. To some others Success means Admiration, Freedom from worries; winning at every competition; Achievement of a goal; Lending a dream job etc.

For many others, it might mean just getting any job to make two ends meet possible. Whichever way you want to define the term success, it definitely has two components – An Aim and an Achievement of this Aim.

Secondly, what is the opposite of success?

Are those who are not successful failures? In my opinion, No, they’re not. The opposite of success is ‘not successful’ or ‘unsuccessful’.

Being successful or unsuccessful at attempting to achieve a predetermined goal is an outcome or feedback of an event. It should not be taken as a judgement. It is an attempt that is successful or unsuccessful and not the person. So, if you are unable to succeed in one attempt at achieving your goal, you can always make a second or even a third attempt.

Another question – Is success a journey or a destination?

When I say, success means the achievement of a goal. Do you get satisfied by achieving just one goal? What do you do after achieving a goal – you set another one and then another one. This means, that with time, you continue to set newer goals. Hence, if your goals are a continuous journey in life, so is a success. It is also a journey and not a destination.

The goals you set might be simple or tough; short term or long term; personal, professional, financial or related to your health and relationship. Achievement of each goal passes through achieving various milestones that tell you that you are moving in the right direction, and with the right speed.

For example, if you are travelling by car from city A to City B 200 km away, you set a goal to reach there in 3 hours. However, you don’t check your timer after reaching the destination, but, you keep checking every half an hour not only the distance covered but also the map to be sure of the direction in which you are driving and the fuel in the tank etc. When you monitor that you have covered the first 100 km in 90 min or less, you are monitoring your progress to your destination and have achieved a milestone. That’s also a success.

Share your success stories.

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