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"Who you are is usually reflected in your business.
To improve your business, first, improve yourself."

Every action and behaviour goes a long way in creating our value, especially in the workplace. Find out how my Personal Effectiveness programmes can help you create your value by making the most of your time and talent.

Business Etiquette and Grooming

Etiquette and grooming are all about putting your best foot forward. The more confident you are about your personal brand, the more people will be eager to work with you. While etiquette is a timeless concept, its meaning keeps changing with the times. This is a hands-on, interactive programme that addresses the modern workplace scenario and current needs.

  • Corporate Etiquette

  • Personal Grooming and Dressing for the Workplace

  • Projecting Self-Confidence

  • Advancing Business Relationships 

  • Enhancing Your Personal Brand

Time Management

Struggling to meet deadlines, maintaining work-life balance, managing stress - these are some of the most common issues of our time. The countless distractions only make this worse. In this programme, you will learn how to focus your use of time and set priorities while minimising obstructions. It aims to reduce "empty busyness" and be more productive.

  • Working Smarter Instead of Harder

  • Managing Your Priorities and To-Do List

  • Reducing the Impact of Time Wasters

  • Knowing How to Meet Unexpected Demands

  • Being More Productive Every Day

Presentation Skills

Presenting your ideas in an organised and dynamic fashion is a highly useful skill that can help you climb the corporate ladder faster. From persuading your co-workers to signing new clients, a good presentation can have a powerful impact on people. The programme will help you organize complex material and convey it in a simple, effective manner with confidence.

  • Plan and Develop Formal Presentations

  • Structure Presentations to Create Maximum Impact

  • Overcome Anxiety and Build Self-Confidence

  • Learn Audience Involvement Techniques

  • Identify and Handle Questions

  • Be More Persuasive and Yield Positive Results

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