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"Leadership is not only titles, positions, or flowcharts.
It's about influencing another."

Being a great leader is a habit that can be learned by anyone and a skill that can always be sharpened.

Find out how you can inspire others to accomplish their goals and unleash their talent through your Leadership Skills.

Leadership Roles and Behaviours

The job of a leader is known to all - it is to lead. But to make a compelling leader, you first need to be confident in your own skin. Not only that, you need to instil confidence in others so that they can exceed their own expectations. This programme is all about knowing the actions and behaviours of a capable leader and developing the right attitude needed to retain, engage, and empower your people to achieve the best results.

  • Key Skills and Behaviours of an Effective Leader

  • Differences Between Leadership and Management

  • Adapting Your Leadership Style to Different Situations

  • Leading with Increased Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Bringing Out the Best in Your People

Building Ownership in the Workplace

One of the most common issues leaders face is making people feel accountable for their role. Too often, performance problems occur due to a lack of ownership among employees. Through this programme, you will be able to instil a sense of pride in the workplace, strengthen trust and reliability, and resolve conflicts, and reduce inconsistence. If you want to improve the efficiency of your people, you need to foster a culture of ownership.

  • Understanding Role, Responsibility, and Accountability

  • Resolving Behavioural Problems

  • Improving Trust and Reliability Among Teams

  • Engaging with Employee Grievances

  • Managing Projects Without Micro-Managing

Execution - The Art of Getting Things Done

The key to ensuring your business thrives is to make sure things are actually getting done, since you can't do everything on your own. High productivity among people is the result of the right combination of motivation and commitment. This programme will help you with crucial aspects such as building good rapport with your people and infuse them with support and enthusiasm.

  • Primary Aspects of Executing a Task

  • Common Issues Related to Execution

  • Leader Intervention Techniques and Roles

  • Eliminating Low, Lackluster Performance

  • Creating an Ecosystem of Enthusiasm and Productivity

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