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"Communication works for those who work at it."

Take a look at the courses covered in my professional communication skills training programme in Mumbai and how they will work for you and your team, ultimately resulting in a more successful career as well as organization.

Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication

Expressing ideas clearly, getting along with people, resolving conflicts in the workplace, being approachable - these are just some of the signs of a smart communicator. Our professional communication skills training programme will help you and your team learn communication strategies that minimise conflict, establish trust, and enhance job productivity.

  • How Communication Works in Real Life

  • How to Make Your Communication Effective

  • How to Create Goodwill and Build Rapport

  • Language, Words, Tone, Fluency, Clarity

  • Coding and Decoding Body Language

  • Postures, Gestures, Facial Expressions, Tone of Voice

Interpersonal Skills

To thrive in any setting, excellent interpersonal skills are the most essential. Professional communication skills training programme will help you master your people skills and equip you with the ability to listen, observe, and question to attain key information in professional and personal contexts. 

  • Styles of Listening and Questioning

  • Negotiation and Problem Solving Skills

  • Handling Fast-Changing Workplace Conditions

  • Building Trust and Respect with People

  • Engaging Listeners by Communicating Effectively

  • Managing Stress and Minimising Conflict

Business English Writing

To be a successful organization, employees at every level must be able to produce clear and effective written and oral communications. This programme will help you learn how to write business documents and emails with clarity as well as confidence, thus improving the overall functioning of the workplace.

  • Write Clear and Concise Emails

  • Create Impact and Capture Reader Attention

  • Gain Confidence in Your Writing Skills

  • Make Correct Use of Language

  • Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Say Exactly What You Mean in the Right Tone


Assertiveness is the ability to express your ideas and feelings in an open, honest, and direct way without hurting people's feelings. It is recognizing your own needs while still respecting the needs of others. This course will improve your ability to assert yourself with confidence and tact in any environment.

  • Different Types and Ways of Assertiveness

  • Having Successful Interactions

  • Being More Confident in Social Settings

  • Getting What You Want Out of People

  • Feeling Good About Yourself

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