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Anshul got in touch with me about a year ago because he wanted to improve his business communication skills. While he was quite confident in his informal interactions with friends and family, he felt nervous when communicating with strangers, acquaintances, and colleagues. He lacked self-confidence, and it was especially hard for him to speak in public or make presentations at work. After a couple of phone calls during which we discussed some of his issues and how we might go about addressing them, he stopped responding. Despite multiple attempts on my part to reach out, he made himself unavailable.

A month and a half back, I received a call from him out of the blue. He asked me if I remembered our conversations from last year. Of course, I said. And then he started telling me about his life - something he hadn't done in our previous conversations.

- He belonged to a small town in Rajasthan, studied in a Hindi medium school, and did not complete his graduation.

- He was around 30, unmarried, working in a film production company in Mumbai as the Executive Producer, and making handsome money.

However, his biggest challenge was still the same - he was unable to have professional conversations with both his colleagues and clients due to a lack of self-confidence. And being good at this was imperative for his job as well as personal growth. He did take on a couple of English-speaking courses in last one year, but they didn't help. That didn't surprise me because his problem wasn't bad English; it went deeper.

So we agreed on a six-session engagement to be completed in 2 months over Zoom, with each session lasting between 60 and 75 minutes. Things were going well and we were making progress on issues like basic principles of communication, self-esteem and self-confidence. Two sessions in, he got busy with work and our time together came to a halt.

Last week, he called again to set up the next session. He also told me that in the three weeks since our second session, he had participated in 3-4 business meetings along with a colleague, and not only had he taken the initiative to set them, but he also lead the presentation. He shared that currently, he is working on 4 projects at the same time, hence not getting time to attend sessions.

I was overjoyed and could only imagine what his life will look like in another four weeks. It was 100% his own self-awareness and commitment to evolve in the areas that are important to him that helped in his increased self-confidence to communicate more effectively and resulted in his personal and professional growth. All I did was offer a fresh perspective and help him find the answers he was looking for.

If Anshul's story resonates with you on any level, then this is to tell you that you are not alone. Even the most successful people at the top of the ladder suffer from self-esteem and image issues that result in an inability to communicate effectively at work or home.

The good news is that these challenges can be overcome in a short period of time with the right amount of commitment, especially if you have a Life Coach and Soft Skills Trainer like me in your corner. Like Anshul, you too can make a positive change in your ability to express yourself CLEARLY and EFFECTIVELY to influence anyone and create an impact with your communication.

All you need is the Commitment, Courage, and Discipline to bring the desired change in your life.

Like Anshul, if you too want to be a more Effective Communicator and Influence Anyone, register for a session on

For more details, reach out to me on 87796 20761 or log on to

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