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Sales Force Development

One of the biggest time-wasters for sales managers is the inability of their sales people and other employees to carry out every step of a sales process by them. Most salespeople are either not unclear about the complete sales process or don't care.

Every sales process involves six major steps:

• Generating Leads

• Qualifying the Leads and follow up

• Establishing Needs

• Presentation

• Selling / Closing

• Post sales – follow-up.

Sales managers / Sales Trainers are though aware of these steps but unfortunately most don’t care if the salespeople have learnt to follow each step or not.

There is an imbalance in effort, which leaves the sales managers complaint about the lack of leads and tries to work hard to produce them. In other situations there are plenty of leads but no one is closing the sale. Consequently, the sales manager or business owner takes over the job of converting leads into clients (closing).

Another common mistake related to the lack of a clear process is that most sales training programs focus on the last 3 steps of the sales process. For instance, a common scenario is that when people are hired, most sales training programs trains them on products and services and how to deliver them (the fulfillment step). Followed by how to present the products or services and close the sale.

In order to give them some experience with these steps they are fed with some of the qualified leads that the sales manager, or other people, has generated. In the process we train people to become dependent on others for their leads. They get really good at “catching bones”.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach new sales people how to produce leads first?

A general rule that I follow in my Sales Training is to start with training them on how to generate leads first. If they can’t prove that they can and will generate new business, why keep them around to simply feed off from someone else’s table? Once they prove that they can bring in new business, and then I train them how to convert those leads into clients and how to deliver great products and services.

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