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Effective Communications

Since the start of my career in Training and Development over two decades ago, the most common and frequent needs that people have expressed to me have been Communication and Time Management.

A Google search for the word 'communication' brings up more than 241 million results - making it one of the most searched terms in the field of T&D. One may find thousands of videos and tutorials online to know and learn about communication. But, why do we need these tutorials when the first thing every child learns is how to communicate?

This is because communication is not just about speaking or telling; It involves expressing, verbally or otherwise, one's ideas and opinions in an articulate manner while listening to, and observing, for developing better mutual understanding with others. And just like any other skill, it can be learned and practiced.

The most critical part of any conversation that renders it effective or ineffective is not how well/fast/fluently you can speak or how many difficult words you can use but how well you can present your thoughts, engage your listeners, and most importantly, listen.

As a trainer and coach, I spend most of my time helping people with communication and related topics such as interpersonal skills, presentation skills, conflict management, public speaking, interview skills, selling skills, leadership and management skills, and so on.

In this and subsequent posts, I will share my own learnings about communication as well as the challenges and experiences of real-time clients on the subject.

These will help you understand and learn:

  • The true meaning of effective communication;

  • The processes and types of communication;

  • Components of effective communication:

  • Tools of effective communication; and

  • Skills and behaviors of a good communicator.

And become more effective in expressing your ideas and views without fear.

So, if you

  • Believe that you need to improve your communication skills;

  • Get into confrontations too often with co-workers or friends;

  • Feel shy or have low self-confidence to express yourself in front of strangers;

  • Feel scared to make a presentation or speak in front of a group;

  • Have a negative self-image that others will judge you;

  • Don't feel confident making a presentation to your customers or bosses;

  • Have frequent fights with a friend, spouse, or family member;

  • Are scared to face a job interview or participate in a group discussion;

  • Have negative thoughts about yourself due to lack of ability to speak in English;

  • Want to seamlessly negotiate a business deal with a customer or vendor;

Or face similar situations, this is for you.

Learn to be an Effective Communicator and Influence Anyone to achieve your purpose.

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