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Developing Right Work Habits

You have several barriers to your success; Internal and External.

Internal obstacles often arise from psychological issues like anxiety, fear, and low self-confidence, which stem from your habits, beliefs, and perceptions. They are more challenging as it is difficult to recognise and accept them.

But at times it is difficult to overcome certain challenges on the way; the biggest and the most difficult challenge are within you – your mindset, ability to focus, fear of failure, people around you, low self-confidence and poor work habits.

People with good work habits, such as punctuality, being organized, grooming, courtesy, follow-through, etc. tend to be more successful in their careers than poorly organized individuals and produce higher productivity and quality.

Like children, new employees also learn by observing and experimenting. As someone said, Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, show me and I will follow, involve me and I learn. Don’t just preach, demonstrate and practice the work habits you want your people to learn.

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